Cavity Search

Cavity Search may refer to:

  • Body cavity search, a visual search or a manual internal inspection of body cavities for prohibited material (contraband), such as illegal drugs, money, or weapons
  • Cavity Search Records, an independent record label based out of Portland, Oregon
  • "Cavity Search" (song), the third track on the "Weird Al" Yankovic album Bad Hair Day

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Heatmiser - Discography - Singles
... "Stray" (1993 Cavity Search Records) "Sleeping Pill" (1994 Cavity Search Records) "Everybody Has It" (1996 Cavity Search Records) ...
Body Cavity Search - Visual Vs. Manual
... In a thorough visual body cavity search, a flashlight is used to illuminate body orifices, including nostrils, ears, mouth, navel, penis (urethra and foreskin) or vagina, and rectum ... During manual body cavity searches, body orifices are probed using fingers or the entire hand ... they are done on individuals refusing to offer to consent to a visual body cavity search or in situations where there is strong evidence to suspect ...

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    Bas Van Fraassen (b. 1941)