Cauldron Born - Break-up and Projects Beyond Cauldron Born

Break-up and Projects Beyond Cauldron Born

In 2003 Bentley decided to call it quits with Cauldron Born. Since the break-up of the band in 2003, the band members have gone on to do several different things. Bassist Shawn Kasack plays in Rusty Cooley’s band, Outworld. Zane Matthews joined Halcyon Way, playing guitar. David Louden has no known musical endeavors. Christian Schulze became a devout Christian, and has done several projects since Cauldron Born, one of which was NV375, featuring Bill Parsons. Parsons has worked on a few projects, none of which released anything to my knowledge. Danny White dropped off the face of the earth. Bentley has since started up a new band, Briton Rites, and has recently released their debut album.

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