Catman may refer to:

  • Cat-Man and Kitten, a pair of superhero characters created by Charles M. Quinlan and Irwin Hasen and first published in 1940 by now-defunct Holyoke Publications
  • Catman (comics), a DC Comics former villain (now anti-hero) that has appeared in opposition to Batman, Green Arrow, and the Secret Society of Super Villains
  • Cat-Man (Marvel Comics), the name of four fictional characters in the Marvel Universe
  • Kiss bandmembers Peter Criss or Eric Singer
  • RenĂ© Chartrand, "The Catman of the Hill", who takes care of the Canadian parliamentary cats
  • Stalking Cat, Native American name of Dennis Avner, who has surgically altered his body to resemble that of an anthropomorphic cat
  • A recurring character in the Adult Swim cartoon Perfect Hair Forever
  • A recurring superhero character, voiced by Adam West, in the Nickelodeon cartoon The Fairly OddParents
  • The hero of a series of music videos animated for ska group Planet Smashers
  • US Catman, the hero of a series of martial arts films
  • El Hombre Gato (catman in English), a half-man, half-cat creature from South American legend

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Doctor Psycho - Fictional Character Biography - Post-Crisis
... Society...and is rejected and successfully rebuffed by Catman ... He threatens to have Catman kill himself ... of the man's loyal pack of lions convinces Psycho he might be eaten if he forces Catman to harm himself ...
Secret Six (comics) - Publication History - Villainous Secret Six
... The team consists of the pre-existing DC characters Catman, Deadshot, and Cheshire, and the newly created Ragdoll, Scandal Savage, and a Parademon ... At the end of issue #1, Catman asks the Mad Hatter to be the sixth member of the group ... While Catman meets with the Mad Hatter, Doctor Psycho orchestrates a series of attacks designed to wipe out the Six ...
List Of Batman: The Brave And The Bold Characters - Villains - Catman
... Wilson Catman is a supervillain that uses cat-themed weapons ... Catman was then attacked by Batman ... Catman released the Sumatran Tiger to attack Batman only for it to fight Ace the Bat-Hound ...
Catman (comics) - In Other Media - Television
... A version of Catman previously appeared in The Batman Adventures comic series prior to Blake's appearance on the actual series ... This version was closer to the comic book version of Thomas Blake, calling himself Catman and wearing a Catman suit with colors similar to the Batman The Animated Series version ... Also, an entirely different character named Catman from an alternate reality was featured in the two-part episode "Legends" of Justice League voiced by Stephen Root ...