Catholic Education in The Diocese of Parramatta - Education - Enrolment


Catholic schools in the Diocese of Parramatta accept enrolments from students who are not Catholic. All students enrolled in a Catholic school should be willing to participate in the religious activities of the school.

In the Parramatta Diocese, enrolment preference is given, in order, to:

  1. children of Catholic families who live in the local parish
  2. children of Catholic families from other parishes
  3. non-Catholics, in accordance to the school's enrolment vacancies

Siblings of children already enrolled in the school are considered by the same criteria above. However, within each of these categories, a sibling of a child already enrolled has preference over an applicant who does not have a sibling enrolled in the school.

Special consideration may be given to children of non-Catholic families for a number of reasons, after discussion with the school principal.

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