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List Of Kamen Rider Kiva Characters - No Side - Arms Monsters - Jiro
... as a place of utter corruption and usually prefers to be within Castle Doran as its lead caretaker, occasionally playing Dogga in Chess or cards and beating him ... before deciding to lead the Arm Monsters in keeping Castle Doran from running amok, Jiro questions Otoya's faith in them as he and the others promise to protect ... In the The Queen of the Castle in the Demon World net spin-off movies, Jiro challenges Wataru to a card game when he accidentally ends up in Castle Doran, losing to him in Hell's Old Maid and ...
Kamen Rider Ixa - Equipment - Powerd Ixer
... developed by the Wonderful Blue Sky Organization as a means to combat a Sabbat, and Kiva's Castle Doran ... the Ixer's mouth functions as a robotic arm to either fling Sabbats and Castle Doran around or like a catapult to launch orbs at an enemy ... Although only half as large as Castle Doran, it has proven to be both a formidable ally and nuisance to it ...
Kamen Rider Dark Kiva - Castle Doran
... Castle Doran (キャッスルドラン, Kyassuru Doran?) is the King's base of operations which is of the Doran Race (ドラン族, Doran Zoku?) ... it and bonded it to the mold of a castle so it would serve as the base of the Checkmate Four within the forest of the Fangires ...

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