Cash Flows

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Asset Swap
... an example, a company may sell equity and receive the value in cash, thus increasing liquidity ... An example of this is where an institution swaps the cash flows on a U.S ... Such swaps usually have stub periods in order to bring the chronology of the cash flows into line with that of the underlying bond ...
Currency Swap - Structure
... In such a swap, interest cash flows are not netted before they are paid to the counterparty (as they would be in a vanilla interest rate swap) because they are denominated in different ... Last here, but certainly not least important, is to swap only interest payment cash flows on loans of the same size and term ... as this is a currency swap, the exchanged cash flows are in different denominations and so are not netted ...
Internal Credit Enhancement - Subordination or Credit Tranching
... The cash flows generated by the assets are allocated with different priority to classes of different seniority ... class of highest seniority has first right on the available principal cash flows ... The priority for the cash flows comes from the top, while the distribution of the losses rises from the bottom ...
Liability-driven Investment Strategy - LDI For Individuals
... The portfolio must be invested so as to provide the cash flows that match the withdrawals each year, after factoring in adjustments for inflation, irregular ... Individual bonds provide the ability to match the cash flows needed, which is why the term "cash flow matching" is sometimes used to describe this strategy ... Because the bonds are dedicated to providing the cash flows, the term "dedicated portfolio" or “asset dedication” is sometimes used to describe the strategy ...
Dynamic Financial Analysis - Elements - Company and Strategy Modeling
... Types of Models Cash Flow Oriented Model Such model tries to imitate the cash flows of the insurance company's assets and liabilities ... Advantages It might not be difficult to project cash flows linked to economic factors for the company's assets ... and thus it is hard to generate outgoing cash flows for claims ...

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    Between flattery and admiration there often flows a river of contempt.
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    Lora May: Did you ever stop to think, Porter, that in over three years there’s one word we’ve never said to each other, even in fun.
    Porter: To you, I’m a cash register. You can’t love a cash register.
    Lora May: And I’m part of your inventory. You can’t love that either.
    Joseph L. Mankiewicz (1909–1993)