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ʾIʿrab - Grammatical Cases
... Case is not shown in standard orthography, with the exception of indefinite accusative nouns ending in any letter but tā’ marbūṭah (ة) or alif followed by hamzah (ء), where the -a(n) "sits" on the ... Cases, however, are marked in the Qur'an, children's books, and to remove ambiguous situations ... Grammatical case endings are not pronounced in pausa and in less formal forms of Arabic ...
Dené–Caucasian Languages - Proposed Subbranches - Macro-Caucasian
... as well as shared grammar such as the Caucasian plural/collective ending *-/rV/ of nouns, which is preserved in many modern Caucasian languages, as well as sometimes fossilized in singular nouns ... However, such a plural ending is also widespread in the Nostratic languages, e.g ... is inserted between the noun stem and the endings of cases other than the ergative ...

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    Life is not so much about beginnings and endings as it is about going on and on and on. It is about muddling through the middle.
    Anna Quindlen (b. 1952)

    A woman’s whole life is a history of the affections. The heart is her world: it is there her ambition strives for empire; it is there her avarice seeks for hidden treasures. She sends forth her sympathies on adventure; she embarks her whole soul on the traffic of affection; and if shipwrecked, her case is hopeless—for it is a bankruptcy of the heart.
    Washington Irving (1783–1859)