Cascade Tunnel

The Cascade Tunnel refers to two tunnels at Stevens Pass through the Cascade Mountains, approximately 65 miles (105 km) to the east of Everett, Washington. The first Cascade Tunnel was a 2.63-mile (4.2 km) long single track railroad, built by the Great Northern Railway in 1900 to avoid problems caused by heavy winter snowfalls on the original line that had eight Zig Zags (switchbacks). The second tunnel, a 7.79-mile (12.5 km) single-track replacement of the earlier tunnel, was put in service on January 12, 1929 and is still in operation, connecting Berne in Chelan County on its east with Scenic Hot Springs in King County on its west. It is the longest railroad tunnel in the United States.

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Cascade Tunnel - Operations
... The current Cascade Tunnel is in full operation and receives regular maintenance from BNSF Railway ... The new alignment is a straight-line tunnel running between Berne and Scenic Hot Springs ... Because of safety and ventilation issues, this tunnel is a limiting factor on how many trains the railroad can operate over this route from Seattle to Spokane ...
Ruling Gradient - Compensation For Gradients in Tunnels - Case Study - Cascade Tunnel, Washington, US - Tunnel 1 As Built
... The lines approaching the first cascade tunnel had a ruling gradient of 2.2% (1 in 45.5), while the tunnel itself had a gradient of 1.7% (1 in 58.8) facing ... of building the shortest possible tunnel that connected with the original switchback route connecting Tye (Wellington) (West) at 955 m and Cascade Tunnel Station (East ... The higher portal of the 13,873 feet long (4228 m) tunnel was 305 feet (93 m) higher than the lower portal ...
Great Northern Railway (U.S.) - Electrification
... electrified the 2.5-mile (4.0 km) original Cascade Tunnel, which was near the summit of Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains ... (9.7 km) track-miles, with 1.7 percent grade through the tunnel ... They pulled trains through the tunnel with the steam locomotives still attached until they were retired from March 27, 1927 ...
Skykomish River - History
... Skykomish, South Fork Skykomish, and Tye Rivers, crossing the crest of the Cascades at Stevens Pass ... Two railroad tunnels, both called Cascade Tunnel, were built at Stevens Pass ... It was replaced in 1929 with the New Cascade Tunnel, which at 7.8 miles (12.6 km) long was for nearly 60 years the longest railroad tunnel in North America and is still the longest in ...

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