Cartoon Dump - Story and Format

Story and Format

Set in a garbage dump, the show is a parody of stereotypical children's TV programming. The host of the show, “Compost Brite” (Erica Doering), despite being constantly cheery, obviously suffers from depression as well as anorexia nervosa. Compost Brite starts each episode with the show’s theme song, a jolly tune played on a theatre organ (however, Compost Brite is seen playing a guitar). Each episode features slightly different lyrics. After this, Compost Brite usually has a brief satirical discussion with the viewers on topics such as nutrition, dry heaves or how mediocrity pays off in the end. Later one of Compost Brite’s friends, usually “Moodsy the Clinically Depressed Owl” (Conniff) joins in to sing a song or plug some fictional product which is sponsoring the show. This leads into the bulk of each episode, an obscure cartoon from Jerry Beck’s archives.

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