Carthaginian Armies

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Hasdrubal Barca - Joint Command
... This defeat also led to Mago and Hasdrubal Gisco arriving in Iberia with two armies and ending the undisputed command of the Barcid family in Iberia ... kings of the Numidian tribes, attacked Carthaginian territories in Africa in 213/212 BC ... Carthaginians gained control of Iberia up to the Ebro as a result of this victory ...
Roman Conquest Of Hispania - The Roman Invasion - The War Between Carthage and Rome
... The first important conflict between the Carthaginians and the Romans took place in Cissa in 218 BC, probably near Tarraco, in the present-day province of Lleida ... The Carthaginians, commanded by Hanno the Elder, were defeated by Roman forces commanded by Gnaeus Cornelius Scipio Calvus ... leader of the Ilergetes Indíbil, who fought with the Carthaginians, was captured ...
Timeline Of Portuguese History (Lusitania And Gallaecia) - Roman Lusitania and Gallaecia - 3rd Century BC
... 237 BC - The Carthaginian General Hamilcar Barca enters Iberia with his armies through Gadir ... He is succeeded in command of the Carthaginian armies in Iberia by his son-in-law Hasdrubal, who extends the newly acquired empire by skillful diplomacy, and ... acclaimed commander-in-chief by the army and confirmed in his appointment by the Carthaginian Senate ...

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