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Representative Publications

  • Izard, C.E.; King, K.A.; Trentacosta, C.J.; Morgan, J.K.; Krauthamer-Ewing, E.S.; Finlon, K.J. (2008). "Accelerating the development of emotion competence in Head Start children: Effects on adaptive and maladaptive behavior". Development and Psychopathology 20: 369–297.
  • Trentacosta, C.J.; Izard, C.E. (2007). "Kindergarten children's emotion competence as a predictor of their academic competence in first grade". Emotion 7 (1): 77–88. doi:10.1037/1528-3542.7.1.77. PMID 17352565.
  • Fine, S.E.; Izard, C. E.; Mostow, A. J.; Trentacosta, C. J.; Ackerman, B. P. (2003). "First grade emotion knowledge as a predictor of fifth grade self-reported internalizing behaviors in children from economically disadvantaged families". Development and Psychopathology 15 (2): 331–342. PMID 12931831.
  • Izard, C.E.; Fine, S.E.; Mostow, A.J.; Trentacosta, C.J.; Campbell, J. (2002). "Emotion processes in normal and abnormal development and preventative intervention". Development and Psychopathology 14 (4): 761–787. PMID 12549703.
  • Mostow, A.J.; Izard, C.E.; Fine, S.E.; Trentacosta, C. J. (2002). "Modeling the emotional, cognitive, and behavioral predictors of peer acceptance". Child Development 73 (6): 1775–1787. doi:10.1111/1467-8624.00505. PMID 12487493.
  • Izard, C.E. (2002). "Translating emotion theory and research into preventative interventions". Psychological Bulletin 128 (5): 796–824. doi:10.1037/0033-2909.128.5.796. PMID 12206195.
  • Izard, C. E. (2001). "Emotional intelligence or adaptive emotions?". Emotion 1 (3): 249–257. doi:10.1037/1528-3542.1.3.249. PMID 12934684.

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