Carrier Groups

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Carrier Strike Group - History
... Navy carrier battle group can be traced to the 1920s and was initially based on previous experience grouping battleships and other major surface combatants ... In World War II, administratively, aircraft carriers were assigned to carrier divisions (CARDIVs) ... The single carrier battle group was born with the military draw down that followed World War II ...
USS Manatee (AO-58) - Service History - World War II
... Manus, she continued carrying fuel and other supplies to fast carrier groups through the Battle for Pelelieu and the first phase of the Philippine Campaign ... On 2 July, Manatee was ordered to join other fast oilers in lending close support to carrier groups during strikes on the Japanese home islands ... The oilers moving at night to rendezvous with the carriers, refueled them within 200 miles (320 km) of the enemy’s coastline and then retired ...
USS Haggard (DD-555) - Philippines
... She was assigned to an escort carrier group off Samar in support of the invasion of Leyte and the fleet surface actions 23–25 October ... in the Battle off Samar, Haggard and her group were surprised on the morning of 25 October by heavy units to the northward under Admiral Takeo Kurita heading toward the ... As the carriers of "Taffy 3" (TU 77.4.3) retired at top speed and the gallant destroyers, including Hoel (DD-533), Heermann (DD-532), and Johnston, attacked the Japanese at close range ...
HMAS Australia (D84) - Operational History - World War II - 1942
... and were used three days later to provide long-range protection for the American aircraft carriers USS Lexington and USS Yorktown while they launched an air raid in retaliation to the Japanese capture of Lae and ... any Japanese ships found en route to Port Moresby, while several US carrier groups engaged a Japanese force headed for the Solomon Islands ... The ships reached their patrol area around 1400, fired on a group of eleven unidentified aircraft at maximum range with no damage dealt at 1427, and were ...

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