Carpatho-Ukraine (Ukrainian: Карпатська Україна, Karpats’ka Ukrayina) was an autonomous region within Czechoslovakia from late 1938 to March 15, 1939. It declared itself an independent republic on March 15, 1939, but was occupied by Hungary between March 15 and March 18, 1939, remaining under Hungarian control until the Nazi occupation of Hungary in 1944.

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Carpatho-Ukraine - Parliament
... The Soim of Carpatho-Ukraine was established on February 12, 1939 by the Czechoslovakian constitutional act of November 22, 1938 ... the parliament approved the proclamation of the sovereignty of Carpatho-Ukraine, adopted its Constitution, elected the president, and confirmed the new government of Julian ... out of the country following the invasion of Carpatho-Ukraine by the Hungarian Armed Forces ...