Carnivorans Discovered in The 2000s

Carnivorans Discovered In The 2000s

This page is a list of species of the order Carnivora discovered in the 2000s. The order also contains animals once classified separately in Pinnipedia. See also parent page Mammals discovered in the 2000s.

Read more about Carnivorans Discovered In The 2000s:  Bornean Clouded Leopard Neofelis Diardi (2007), Qinling Panda Ailuropoda Melanoleuca Qinlingensis (2005), "Cat-fox" (2006), Lowe's Servaline Genet Genetta Servalina Lowei (2002), Mellivora Capensis Buechneri (2000), Civettictis Civetta Pauli (2000)

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