Carlos Gomes

Carlos Gomes may refer to:

  • Antônio Carlos Gomes, Brazilian composer
  • Carlos Gomes, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazilian municipality
  • Carlos Gomes Júnior, Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau
  • Pintinho, real name Carlos Alberto Gomes, born 1954, Brazil footballer at 1972 Olympics
  • Carlos Alberto Gomes de Jesus, Brazilian footballer
  • Carlos Alberto Gomes de Lima, Brazilian footballer
  • Carlos António Gomes, Portuguese football goalkeeper
  • Carlos Domingomes Gomes, Portuguese film director
  • Carlos Alberto Parreira Gomes, Brazilian footballer and manager
  • Carlos Alberto dos Santos Gomes, Brazilian footballer
  • Carlos Carvalhas, full name Carlos Alberto do Vale Gomes Carvalhas, Portuguese politician

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Carlos Gomes, Rio Grande Do Sul
... Carlos Gomes is a municipality in the state Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. ...
Timeline Of Portuguese History - 20th Century
1908 Manuel II of Portugal, King Carlos youngest son, becomes king. 1 February February 1, King Carlos I of Portugal and his son and heir, prince Luis Filipe, Duke of Braganza, are killed in the Regicide of Lisbon by Alfredo Costa and Manuel Buiça, republicans of the. 27 May The General Manuel de Oliveira Gomes da Costa arrives at Braga with the purpose of initiating a Coup d'état ...
Guarani Futebol Clube - History
... Guarani was named after maestro Antônio Carlos Gomes' opera "Il Guarany" ... Antônio Carlos Gomes was born in Campinas, Brazil, and is one of the most distinguished nineteenth century classical composers ...
Government Of Guinea-Bissau - Political Developments - 2010 Military Unrest
... The same day, soldiers entered Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Júnior's residence and held him on the premises ... the people continue to go out into the streets to show their support for Carlos Gomes Junior, then I will kill Carlos Gomes Junior.. ...

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