Carillons - Instruments By Country

Instruments By Country

Overview of highest concentrations of carillons (as defined by the World Carillon Federation) :

Region Surface area
Number of
per 1000 km²
Netherlands 41,526 182 4.383
Belgium 30,528 89 2.915
Flanders and Brussels 13,683 66 4.824
Wallonia 16,844 23 1.365
Nord, France 5,743 15 2.612
Côte d'Or, France 8,763 5 0.571
Denmark 43,098 23 0.534
for comparison only:
USA 9,631,420 164 0.017
Australia 7,741,220 2 0.0002
  • Netherlands Carillon, Arlington, Virginia, USA.

  • Century Tower (University of Florida).

  • Burton Memorial Tower, University of Michigan

  • Lurie Tower, North Campus, University of Michigan, view from the East.

  • The 104-foot Beaumont Tower of Michigan State University, with a 49-bell carillon.

  • Storke Tower, the 175-foot University of California, Santa Barbara bell tower with a 61-bell carillon.

  • The 161-foot University of California, Riverside bell tower with a 48-bell carillon.

  • Denny Chimes, University of Alabama, completed in 1929.

  • Campanile and 50‐bell Stanton Memorial Carillon, Iowa State University, Ames.

  • University of Northern Iowa Campanile and 47‐bell carillon, built in 1926, Cedar Falls.

  • Jane A. Meyer Carillon, Missouri State University, Springfield.

  • Plummer Carillon, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota.

  • Cleveland Tower, Princeton University Graduate College with a 67‐bell carillon.

  • Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, the University of Chicago, with the 72-bell Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Carillon.

  • Duke University Chapel's 50-bell carillon, played daily.

  • The Bok Singing Tower, a 60-bell carillon cast by Taylor houses the Anton Brees Carillon Library and the archives of the GCNA.

  • National Carillon, Canberra, Australia: 55 bells, 50 metre tower.

  • National War Memorial, New Zealand: a 74 bell carillon, including the largest carillon bell in the southern hemisphere ("Peace", 12.5 ton).

  • Mobile carillon, Poland

  • University of Kansas Campanile, Lawrence, KS

  • The Wisbech Institute Clock Tower, 23-bell carillon, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, UK

  • Stone Mountain Carillon in Georgia, USA

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