Care Quality Commission - Criticisms and Controversies

Criticisms and Controversies

Private Eye magazine has regularly reported alleged failings in the CQC.

The BBC TV programme Panorama broadcast evidence of mistreatment on residents of a Castlebeck hospital on May 31, 2011. Despite evidence concerning the same institution having previously been given to the Care Quality Commission, the body failed to act and has since admitted "an unforgivable error of judgment”.

It was reported in November 2011 that the Care Quality Commission was being investigated, regarding a number of alleged failures, by officials at Department of Health and NHS management. While probably essential, this implies lack of genuine independence from politicised input.

At least one chairman, one chief executive and a board member of the CQC have been singled out for attention by a UK Secretary of State for Health, again indicative of lack of genuine independence.

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