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Carbon (API) - Event Handling
... The Mac Toolbox's Event Manager originally used a polling model for application design ... The application's main event loop asks the Event Manager for an event using GetNextEvent ... If there is an event in the queue, the Event Manager passes it back to the application, where it is handled, otherwise it returns immediately ...
Geologic Time Scale - Table of Geologic Time
... The following table summarizes the major events and characteristics of the periods of time making up the geologic time scale ... Geologic time scale Supereon Eon Era Period Epoch Age Major events Start, million years ago n/a Phanerozoic Cenozoic Quaternary Holocene chrons Subatlantic · Subboreal · Atlantic · Boreal · Preboreal The ... Oldest Dryas, Older Dryas/Allerød and Younger Dryas climate events, with Younger Dryas forming the boundary with the Holocene ...

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