Capture of Nam Định (1883)

Capture Of Nam Định (1883)

The Capture of Nam Dinh (27 March 1883), a confrontation between the French and the Vietnamese, was one of the early engagements of the Tonkin campaign (1883–86). In a brief campaign in the last week of March 1883, Commandant Henri Rivière captured the citadel of Nam Dinh, the second-largest city in Tonkin, with a flotilla of gunboats and a battalion of marine infantry.

Rivière's seizure of Nam Dinh marked a significant escalation of French ambitions in Tonkin, and had important consequences. China began to covertly support the Vietnamese government in its opposition to French colonization. Chinese involvement in Tonkin ultimately resulted in the nine-month Sino-French War (August 1884–April 1885).

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Capture Of Nam Định (1883) - Aftermath
... The French found 98 cannon in the citadel of NamDinh, including five 30-millimetre rifled French guns ceded under the 1874 treaty ... He appointed chef de bataillon Badens commandant supérieur of NamDinh, giving him a garrison of 440 men and two gunboats ... of the marine infantry who had made the assault, some of whom had also taken part in the captureof Hanoi citadel on 25 April 1882, in the following order ...

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