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Bao (mancala Game) - Rules - Capture and Sowing
... When a capture occurs, the player takes all the seed from the captured opponent's pit, and relay sows them in his or her rows ... If capture has occurred in any kimbi, sowing must start from the closest kitchwa ... individual sowing is placed in a marker, a new capture occurs ...

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    Of course, some men are very effective caregivers [of elderly parents]. But this situation occurs far less frequently for males than females, because it is a role reversal. For women, caregiving is an expected duty; for men, it is an unexpected expression of love or devotion.
    Tish Sommers (20th century)

    Writing prejudicial, off-putting reviews is a precise exercise in applied black magic. The reviewer can draw free- floating disagreeable associations to a book by implying that the book is completely unimportant without saying exactly why, and carefully avoiding any clear images that could capture the reader’s full attention.
    William Burroughs (b. 1914)