Capitalist Production

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Law Of Value - Theorizing The Value of Labour-products - Gold Referent
... the assumption as helpful in explaining the basic laws of motion of the capitalist mode of production "in its ideal average" ... The influence of the credit system on capitalist production is considered only in Capital, Volume III, part 5 ... Marx considered that the laws of motion of the capitalist production system could not be understood simply in terms of the interplay between supply and ...
Law Of Value - Origins of The Concept - Karl Marx
... how the balancing of the production of outputs and the demand for them could be accomplished, in a society based on a universal market such as capitalism, and how this was regulated by labour-time ... he aims to show how the competition for profits from production is constrained by the law of value, and how this shapes the developmental pattern of capitalist ... cannot directly regulate commodity prices in capitalist production, but only indirectly (prices of production are constrained by comparative costs in labour time) ...

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    ... if the production of any commodity necessitates the sacrifice of human life, society should do without that commodity, but it can not do without that life.
    Emma Goldman (1869–1940)

    It has to be acknowledged that in capitalist society, with its herds of hippies, originality has become a sort of fringe benefit, a mere convention, accepted obsolescence, the Beatnik model being turned in for the Hippie model, as though strangely obedient to capitalist laws of marketing.
    Mary McCarthy (1912–1989)