Capital Requirements

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Central Bankers - Policy Instruments - Capital Requirements
... required to hold a certain percentage of their assets as capital, a rate which may be established by the central bank or the banking supervisor ... the threshold is 8% (see the Basel Capital Accords) of risk-adjusted assets, whereby certain assets (such as government bonds) are considered to have lower risk and are either partially or fully excluded from ... asset inflation and repurchase agreements, capital requirements may be considered more effective than reserve requirements in preventing indefinite lending when at the threshold ...
Subprime Mortgage Crisis Solutions Debate - Regulation - Bank Capital Requirements & Leverage Restrictions - Arguments For Stronger Bank Capital Requirements / Leverage Restriction
... Alan Greenspan has called for banks to have a 14% capital ratio, rather than the historical 8-10% ... banks had capital ratios of around 12% in December 2008 after the initial round of bailout funds ... The minimum capital ratio is regulated ...
Government Policies And The Subprime Mortgage Crisis - Enforcement of Laws and Regulations - SEC and The Net Capital Rule
... While the nominal 8% capital requirements (i.e ... authorities, risk-based weighing allowed capital requirements to be reduced for A rated securities and higher ... The reduced capital requirements encouraged banks to hold the less risky A rated securities (according to rating agency standards) rather than the more ...

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