Capcom Generations

Capcom Generations (カプコン ジェネレーション, Capcom Generation?) is a series of five video game compilations released by Capcom in 1998 for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in Japan and Europe/Australia. Each volume contains three or four games from a particular series or game genre and were ported directly from their original arcade versions (with the exception of Super Ghouls'n Ghosts, which was originally a Super NES game). Each disc also contains a "collection mode" featuring history, tips, artwork, character profiles, arranged music (which can be enabled on the game themselves as well) and other unlockable contents for each game. The PlayStation versions of the games also featured support for the DualShock controller.

The five Capcom Generations discs were released individually in Japan, while the first four volumes were sold as a bundle in the PAL region. The fifth volume (which focused on the Street Fighter series) was released separately (without any ties to the Capcom Generations series) in Europe and was the only volume in the series released in North America. The 16 games in the series were later collected in the Capcom Classics Collection based on their Capcom Generations versions.

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