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This is a list of the 35 mm Film and APS Canon EOS models in order of introduction:

Model (US) Model (Europe) Model (Japan) Release date
EOS 650 EOS 650 EOS 650 March 1987
EOS 620 EOS 620 EOS 620 May 1987
EOS 750 EOS 750 EOS 750 October 1988
EOS 850 EOS 850 EOS 850 October 1988
EOS 630 EOS 600 EOS 630 QD April 1989
EOS-1 EOS-1 EOS-1 September 1989
EOS RT EOS RT EOS RT October 1989
EOS 10S EOS 10 EOS 10 QD March 1990
EOS 700 EOS 700 EOS 700 QD March 1990
EOS Rebel/Rebel S EOS 1000F QD EOS 1000 QD October 1990
EOS 10S commemorative kit EOS 10 EOS 10 QD August 1991
EOS Elan EOS 100 EOS 100 QD August 1991
EOS Rebel II/SII EOS 1000FN QD EOS 1000S QD March 1992
EOS A2/A2e EOS 5 EOS 5 QD November 1992
EOS Rebel XS EOS 500 EOS Kiss September 1993
EOS Rebel X November 1993
EOS-1N EOS-1N/1N HS/1N DP EOS-1N/1N HS/1N DP November 1994
EOS 5000 EOS 888 January 1995
EOS-1N RS EOS-1N RS EOS-1N RS March 1995
EOS Elan II/IIe EOS 50/50e EOS 55 September 1995
EOS Rebel G EOS 500N New EOS Kiss September 1996
EOS IX EOS IX EOS IX E October 1996
EOS IX Lite EOS IX 7 EOS IX 50 March 1998
EOS-3 EOS-3 EOS-3 November 1998
EOS 3000 EOS 88 March 1999
EOS Rebel 2000 EOS 300 EOS Kiss III April 1999
EOS-1v EOS-1v EOS-1v March 2000
EOS Elan 7/7e EOS 33/30 EOS 7 October 2000
EOS Kiss III L November 2001
EOS Rebel XS N EOS 3000N Canon EOS 66 February 2002
EOS Rebel Ti EOS 300V EOS Kiss 5 September 2002
EOS Rebel GII March 2003
EOS Rebel K2 EOS 3000V EOS Kiss Lite September 2003
EOS Elan 7N/7NE EOS 33V/30V EOS 7s April 2004
EOS Rebel T2 EOS 300X EOS Kiss 7 September 2004

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