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Casio HS-8
... The Casio HS-8G is a high-power solar calculator with an 8-slot display ... Casio calculators Scientific Casio HS-8 Scientific Keystroke Programmable FX-502P series FX-602P series FX-603P fx-3650P FX-3900PV Scientific BASIC ...
List Of Japanese Inventions - Technology - Calculators
... Pocket calculator The first portable calculators appeared in Japan in 1970, and were soon marketed around the world ... These included the Sanyo ICC-0081 "Mini Calculator", the Canon Pocketronic, and the Sharp QT-8B "micro Compet". 1971 the Sharp EL-8, also marketed as the Facit 1111, which was close to being a pocket calculator ...
Software Calculator - Examples - Games
... There are some software games that are called calculators, including Sudoku calculators The input is a Sudoku puzzle, the operations support solving the puzzle, such as selecting a digit as the solution for a cell, and ... Poker calculators A common feature of these is to calculate the odds of winning with a given Poker hand ...
Software Calculator - Examples - Numerical Calculators
... Every type of hardware calculator has been implemented in software, including conversion, financial, graphing, programmable and scientific calculators ... Other numerical calculators that do not imitate hardware calculators include Formula calculators Windows-based calculators Specialised calculators ...
Software Calculator - History - Simulation of Hardware Calculators
... Calculators have been used since ancient times and until the advent of software calculators they were physical, hardware machines ... The most recent hardware calculators are electronic hand-held devices with buttons for digits and operations, and a small window for inputs and results ... The first software calculators imitated these hardware calculators by implementing the same functionality with mouse-operated, rather than finger-operated, buttons ...

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    But the age of chivalry is gone. That of sophisters, economists, and calculators has succeeded; and the glory of Europe is extinguished forever.
    Edmund Burke (1729–1797)