Canny may refer to:

  • Canny (attribute), a pleasant attribute
  • Canny edge detector, an image operator which uses a multi-stage algorithm to detect edges

Canny is the surname of:

  • John Canny, American computer scientist, namesake of the Canny edge detector
  • Nicholas Canny (born 1944), Irish historian
  • Paddy Canny (1919-2008), Irish fiddler
  • Steven Canny (born 1969), English playwright and BBC Executive Producer

Other articles related to "canny":

Paddy Canny - Biography
... Paddy Canny was born in the townland of Glendree in County Clare in 1919, the youngest son of Pat Canny and Catherine MacNamara ... Pat Canny was a noted local fiddle player, and taught the instrument to his three sons, Paddy, Mickie, and Jack ... from a blind fiddle teacher named Paddy McNamara, who would board with the Canny family in winter and hold lessons in their home ...
Paddy Canny
... Paddy Canny (1919–2008) was an Irish fiddle player ... In a career that spanned over six decades, Canny was instrumental in popularizing Irish traditional music, both in Ireland and internationally ... Canny captured the All Ireland fiddle championship in 1953 and was featured on the landmark 1959 recording, All-Ireland Champions Violin ...
Canny Edge Detector - Conclusion
... The Canny algorithm is adaptable to various environments ... In Canny's original paper, the derivation of the optimal filter led to a Finite Impulse Response filter, which can be slow to compute in the spatial domain if ... use Rachid Deriche's infinite impulse response form of Canny's filter (the Canny-Deriche detector), which is recursive, and which can be computed in a short ...
Scottish English - Scotticisms
... shot then! meaning "Let me have a turn now" (for example, children playing) Caw canny meaning "Go easy" or "Don't overdo it", as in Ye'd better caw canny or Caw canny wi the butter ...