Canal Rays

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Experiments With Crookes Tubes - Canal Rays
... It was found that in an electric field these anode rays bend in the opposite direction from cathode rays, toward a negatively charged plate ... These were the positive ions which were attracted to the cathode, and created the cathode rays ... They were named canal rays (Kanalstrahlen) by Goldstein ...
History Of Mass Spectrometry - Canal Rays
... Later, in 1869, Johann Wilhelm Hittorf studied discharge tubes with energy rays extending from a negative electrode, the cathode ... These rays produced a fluorescence when they hit a tube's glass walls, and when interrupted by a solid object they cast a shadow ... Canal rays, also called anode rays, were observed by Eugen Goldstein, in 1886 ...
Ives–Stilwell Experiment - Experiments With "canal Rays" - The Experiment of 1938
... to measure the transverse Doppler effect with respect to light rays emitted by canal rays at right angles to the direction of motion of the canal rays (as it was considered ... he developed a method, to observe the effect in the longitudinal direction of the canal rays' motion ...

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