Canadian Voices

Canadian Voices is a public affairs radio series produced by CJLY-FM (Kootenay Cooperative Radio), a volunteer-run non-profit community radio station in Nelson, British Columbia, Canada.

Through a series of one-hour audio programmes, Canadian Voices presents radio, internet, and media player listeners with the opportunity to hear talks by Canadian authors, academics, activists, artists, and thought-provoking citizens who explore ideas and events that characterize the political left in Canada. Topics range from human rights, climate change, and media analysis, to food security, art, education and spirituality.

Canadian Voices is coordinated by Zoƫ Creighton, with input and assistance from volunteers across the country. The series is distinct from much public and current affairs radio programming, as each featured speakers is a Canadian, the series is produced in Canada, by Canadians, and it focuses on topics that are of interest to Canadians.

In addition to traditional radio broadcast on campus and community radio stations across Canada, Canadian Voices also podcasts. As of Oct. 2009, the program is aired on 37 campus and community stations across Canada and one station in the United States.

The format of Canadian Voices was inspired by Alternative Radio, an established role model of progressive audio programming produced in Boulder, Colorado.

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