Canadian University Scientific Research Organizations - Some Notable University (Related) Research Organizations and Projects

Some Notable University (Related) Research Organizations and Projects

  • Domestic
    • Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics - University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario,
      • Organization for the theoretical study of gravity, quantum mechanics and cosmology.
    • Canadian Institute for Advanced Research - HQ, Toronto, Ontario,
      • A virtual institute for the study of cosmology, gravity, geology, biology, nanotechnology and other advanced scientific topics,
    • Sudbury Neutrino Observatory - Sudbury, Ontario,
      • Underground observatory for the study of neutrinos,
    • Tri-University Meson Facility (TRIUMF)- University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia.
      • Particle accelerator for the study of mesons,
    • Remotely Operated Platform for Ocean Science (ROPOS)
      • Robotic study of Canada's Pacific ocean floor,
    • Lithoprobe
      • Canada's largest earth sciences project involving researchers from universities, the private sector and the federal government.
    • Globec Canada
      • Project for the study of the effect of environmental change on ocean life.
    • Ottawa Hospital Research Institute
      • A key medical research centre with a focus on cancer research, specifically the use of oncolytic viruses.
  • International
    • High Energy Physics - CERN (Geneva) the Large Hadron Collider and the Atlas Experiment
      • Canada's participation in the world's largest physics project coordinated by the TRIUMPH Particle Physics Research Centre at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.
    • The Gemini Project
      • Canada's participation in the construction of large astronomical telescopes in Hawaii and Chile.
    • Canada and the Ocean Drilling Project
      • Canada's participation in an international programme studying the Earth's crust under the oceans.
    • The North Water Project
      • Canada's participation in an international project studying open water areas of the Arctic Ocean

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