Canadian Institute For Health Information - CIHI and Federal Health Authorities

CIHI and Federal Health Authorities

Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)

The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) worked with CIHI to create the Population Health Intervention Research Casebook – 2011. This casebook suggests implementation processes supporting population health intervention research. This collaborative effort is representative of the close working relationship between these health authorities.

Data Liberation Initiative (DLI), Statistics Canada

The Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) was created in 1996, two years after CIHI’s inception. The DLI mirrors CIHI’s mandate to facilitate access to government statistical information. Their close creation evidences a federal e-Government movement.

CIHI has taken over data collection and distribution responsibilities from other federal health authorities. In 1995, Statistics Canada transferred data collection functions for the Therapeutic Abortions Database (TADB) to the Canadian Institute for Health Information. Eleven years later, in 2006, Statistics Canada passed on data publication responsibility to CIHI as well. Today, CIHI is exclusively responsible for the TADB.

Health Canada

In 2005, CIHI received funding from Health Canada to complete a Health Human Resources Databases Development Project. This project aimed to provide a “national picture” of five regulated health professions in Canada. CIHI forged relationships with key professional colleges and regulatory bodies to accomplish this Health HR project. The outcome of the project was the creation of the Health Personnel Database, today with eight subsidiary #databases.

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