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Patrick McDonnell
... McDonnell (born March 17, 1956) is the creator of the daily comic strip Mutts ... New York Times magazine and created the monthly comic strip Bad Baby for Parents magazine ... such as Sports Illustrated, Reader's Digest, Forbes, Time, and has co-authored the book Krazy Kat the Comic Art of George Herriman ...
Darwyn Cooke - Career
... In 1985, Cooke published his first comic book work as a professional artist in a short story in New Talent Showcase #19, but economic pressure made him leave the comic book industry, and he worked ... In the early 1990s Cooke decided to return to comics, but found little interest for his work at the major publishers ... DC Comics then approached Cooke about a project which he had submitted to the publisher years earlier which eventually became Batman Ego, a graphic novel ...
Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association
... The Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Association was formed in 2004 as a means to honour Canadian creators, publishers and retailers in the medium of comic books ... With permission of the estate of Joe Shuster, the Canadian-born co-creator of Superman the creator publisher awards are named the Joe Shuster Awards for ... The JSA's honour excellence in Canadian comic book writing, art, cartooning, publishing and more ...
Canadian Graphic Novels - History - English - Golden Age: Canadian Whites (1940s)
... The Golden Age of Comic Books and subsequent superhero boom kicked off with the June 1938 release of Action Comics #1 ... These comics crossed the border, quickly gaining Canadian fans as well ... American comic books were one of the casualties of the Act ...
Groo The Wanderer
... Groo the Wanderer is a fantasy/comedy comic book series written and drawn by Sergio Aragon├ęs, rewritten, coplotted and edited by Mark Evanier, lettered by Stan Sakai, and colored by Tom Luth ... Over the years it has been published by Pacific Comics, Eclipse Comics (one special issue), Marvel Comics (under its Epic imprint), Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics ... Groo was one of the first widely successful creator-owned comics, one of the few successful humorous comic books (outside Archie Comics) during its time, and one of the ...

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