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List Of Closed United States Army Installations In Iraq - Camps
... Camp Abu Naji / FOB Garry Owen (Al Amarah) Camp Adder also known as Tallil Air Base and Ali Air Base located in Nasiriyah Camp Al Adala / Camp Justice / Camp Bonzai (Kadhamiyah ... Now known as Camp Hurriya Camp Lima (Baghdad) Camp Manhattan / Camp Habbaniyah (Habbaniyah Air Base) Camp Marez (Mosul) Camp Malboro (Sadr City) Camp Mercury / Camp Abu Ghurayb Camp Minden Camp Muleskinner (Rash ... Mere (Fallujah) Camp Steel Dragon (Green Zone) Camp Steel Falcon Camp Stone (Sulaymaniyah) Camp Strike (Mosul) Camp Striker, part of the Victory Base Complex (VBC) near ...

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