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Cammy - In Video Games - Other Games
... Cammy appears in her Alpha incarnation as a playable character in the crossover fighting games X-Men vs ... Cammy also appears as a playable character in the shoot 'em up Cannon Spike, where she appears in her SSFII costume for her default form and in her Alpha outfit as an alternate appearance (additionally ... In the crossover tactical role-playing game Namco × Capcom, Cammy appears as a brainwashed enemy character who later joins the player's side as a partner to ...
Cammy - In Other Media
... Cammy appears as one of the main heroes in the 1994 film Street Fighter, portrayed by Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue ... In this film, Cammy is a British intelligence agent that is serving as Colonel Guile's intel officer and aide de camp in the Allied Nations Army ... (Kylie Minogue also played Cammy in both Street Fighter The Movie video games.) Cammy also appears in two Street Fighter anime productions by Group TAC ...

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