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On February 6, 2008, Caminhos do Coração became the first Rede Record telenovela to achieve the first place on the São Paulo TV rank. On that day, it was watched by around 1,2 million households (approximately 5 million people) in the city. A soccer match between Corinthians and Barueri aired by Rede Globo during the same timeslot was watched by 1,1 million households (around 4,4 million people). In its peak, the telenovela was watched by 1,5 million households (near 6 million people).

The last chapter of Caminhos do Coração achieved an audience of more than 5 million people in São Paulo. It was the highest audience for a Record telenovela since the last chapter of controversial Vidas Opostas. This high rate made A Favorita achieve the worst telenovela debut in Globo's history.

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