Camillo may refer to:

As a given name:

  • Camillo Agrippa, Italian Renaissance fencer, architect, engineer and mathematician
  • Camillo Almici (1714–1779), Italian priest, theologian and literary critic
  • Camillo Astalli (1616-1663), Italian cardinal
  • Camillo Benso, conte di Cavour (1810-1861), a leading figure in the movement toward Italian unification, founder of the original Italian Liberal Party and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia
  • Camillo Berlinghieri (1590 or 1605-1635), Italian painter
  • Camillo Berneri (1897-1937), Italian professor of philosophy, anarchist militant, propagandist and theorist
  • Camillo Boccaccino (c. 1504–1546), Italian painter
  • Camillo Boito (1836–1914), Italian architect, engineer, art critic, art historian and novelist
  • Camillo Borghese, 6th Prince of Sulmona (1775-1832), brother-in-law of Napoleon
  • Camillo Camilli (c. 1704–1754), master luthier
  • Camillo Castiglioni (1879–1957), Italian-Austrian financier and banker
  • Camillo Federici (1749–1802), Italian dramatist and actor
  • Camillo Golgi (1843-1926), Italian physician, pathologist, scientist, and Nobel laureate
  • Camillo Jerusalem (1914-1979), Austrian football player
  • Camillo Laurenti (1861—1938), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal
  • Count Camillo Marcolini (1739-1814), minister and general director of the fine arts for the Electorate, later Kingdom of Saxony
  • Camillo Mariani (1565–1611), Italian sculptor
  • Camillo Massimo (1620–1677), Italian cardinal
  • Camillo Mastrocinque (1901–1969), Italian film director and screenwriter
  • Camillo Mazzella (1833-1900), Italian Jesuit theologian and cardinal
  • Camillo Olivetti (1868-1943), Italian electrical engineer and founder of Olivetti & Co., SpA.
  • Camillo Pacetti (1758-1826), Italian sculptor
  • Camillo Francesco Maria Pamphili (1622-1666), Italian cardinal and nobleman
  • Camillo Pilotto (1890–1963), Italian film actor
  • Camillo Procaccini (1551–1629), Italian painter
  • Camillo Rizzi (1580–1618), Italian painter
  • Camillo Róndani (1808–1879), Italian entomologist
  • Camillo Ruini (born 1931), Italian Roman Catholic cardinal
  • Camillo Rusconi (1658–1728), Italian sculptor
  • Camillo Sitte (1843–1903), Austrian architect, painter and city planning theoretician
  • Camillo Sivori (1815–1894), Italian virtuoso violinist and composer
  • Camillo Tarquini (1810-1874), Italian cardinal, Jesuit canonist and archaeologist
  • Camillo Togni (1922-1993), Italian composer, teacher and pianist
  • Camillo Ugi (1884–1970), German football player
  • Camillo Walzel (1829–1895), German librettist and theatre director

As a surname:

  • Giulio Camillo (c. 1480-1554), Italian philosopher

Other uses:

  • Don Camillo, a fictional character
  • Camillo, Western Australia, a suburb of Perth
  • 3752 Camillo, an asteroid

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