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Passes/GFI Machines

CamTran operates bus fare machines manufactured by GFI. According to CamTran in a Summer 2006 Newsletter called camrecorder, these GFI machines were introduced to CamTran in March 1992. They take bus tokens, dollar bills, change, and bus passes. These machines cannot give cash change back, they only give back "change cards" in which customers receive a card that can only be used on CamTran and CamTran+ buses. Customers never get actual cash back from a CamTran bus.

CamTran+ does not use the GFI machines. Customers have to actually show their pass(es) to the driver and enter the exact change in to the fare box, because even on a change card, it's not possible to get change. CamTran passes can be used on CamTran+ buses, but customers must pay the difference, since the rural fares are more than the urban fares.

CamTran+ passes can be used on CamTran (Urban) buses, since the rural passes actually pay more fare than the urban passes.

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