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Call Recording Software List

Program Owner Operating systems License VoIP/Analog/Digital Other capabilities Latest release
Majuda Voice Majuda Corporation Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital Specializing in enterprise call recording and quality management solutions. Support for station and trunk side recording of digital, analog and IP environments. Support for passive recording on virtually all PBX manufacturers as well as active integrations with Microsoft Lync and Mitel SRC. Majuda offers features such as record-on-demand, desktop screen capture, free-seating, email-on-demand, customizable agent evaluations just to name a few. Majuda also supports virtualization of their IP recording products. v7.5
Call Mynah Call Mynah Windows Closed Mobile Call Mynah is a stand alone and networked Call Recorder for mobile phone users. It links to any mobile phone via Bluetooth technology. v2.2
USBCallRecord Intelligent Recording Windows Closed VoIP/SIP Trunk/IP PBX/Digital PBX/Analogue/Mobile USBCallRecord is a stand alone and networked Call Recorders for single users to typically 40 phones/lines.. Supports full range of recording and supervisor features. v3.2.4
AgentDialer Voicent Windows Closed VoIP/SIP Trunk/IP PBX AgentDialer is a stand alone outbound predictive dialer for call centers. Supports csv call lists, call recording, transfer to phone / remote agent, VoIP compatible. v8.3.4
LogMyCalls Contactpoint, LLC Web Browser, iOS, Android, Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP LogMyCalls delivers hosted recording capabilities, as well as call tracking data, advanced call routing, IVR, call scoring, voice analytics, and other phone performance management options. LogMyCalls provides recording capabilities to hosted PBX operators in North America. Carrier grade telephony systems running off an L3 backbone. v2.0
CareInterview Universal Control Technologie Windows Closed VoIP CareInterview allows you to listen to the conversations in real time, but also to record them, stock them and file them in order to examine them at a later time. v5.1
Scoompa CallRecorder Android Market Android Closed VoIP Call Recording software for Android. Records on the server side using a Twilio infrastructure, emails recording to owner when call finishes. v1.4
Voxida Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP Trunk/Passive VoIP/IP/PRI/T1 The Voxida call recording software that records calls, live monitors conversations and runs reports on the recorded call data. Voxida supports all major digital/TDM, VoIP and trunkside technologies as well as recording associated video for synchronous playback with the call audio and real-time streaming. Compatible with Cisco, Avaya, NEC, Nortel, Ericsson, Inter-Tel, Siemens and other proprietary PBX systems. Voxida does native digital recording so no adaptors or additional telecom interfaces are required. v5.8
Cacti Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP Trunk/Active VoIP/IP/PRI/T1 Call Recording software that covers all aspects of Call Recording. Works across virtually any telephony platform. Support for TDM, VoIP and Trunk Side Recording. Options include Screen Capture, Quality Monitoring and Speech Analytics and Post Call Surveys. v2.46
Oreka TR OrecX, LLC Linux, Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/PRI/T1/SIP Oreka TR is a commercial call center grade recording software that can scale from 5 - 5,000 users. Add on modules include Oreka LM (Live Monitoring), Oreka QM (Quality Management), Oreka SC (Screen Capture).. v1.3
SoundRecall SoundNotes Technology Inc. Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP Trunk/Active VOIP/IP/ISDN/PRI Record TDM, VOIP & Blended environments. Hosted recording; Remote Monitoring; Screen capture; Agent Quality Monitoring; Customer Surveys . Compatible with Nortel, Toshiba, Mitel, Cisco and Avaya. v4.0.1
VoIPmonitor Linux, POSIX UNIX Open VoIP VoIPmonitor is open source live network packet sniffer and call recorder for linux or posix unix which analyzes SIP and RTP protocol. It can run as daemon or analyzes already captured pcap files. Free VoIPmonitor can decode only G.711 codec. Commercial version can decode from G.729/G.723/GSM/Speex/iLBC. One of unique feature of VoIPmonitor is decoding phone calls which are changing codecs during call. Synchronisation is achieved with jitterbuffer simulator so every single file is properly synchronised. v4.0
ContextRecorder Callfinity Windows, Linux Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP Trunk/Active VoIP/IP/PRI/T1 Contact center/call center recording. Available on-premise and hosted; active call-through recording or passive tap. Options for screen recording, keystroke logging, screen pop, evaluation forms designer, and quality reporting. Compatible with most PBXs including Cisco, Avaya/Nortel, Mitel, and all trunks. v5.1
CXM Co-nexus, Inc Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/PRI/T1/SIP CXM (Customer Experience Management) Recording and Quality Monitoring software is an enterprise solution designed to assist contact centers increase customer satisfaction and reduce liability. CXM offers; recording, screen capture, PCI Compliance, performance evaluation, agent coachng and post call satisfaction surveys. CXM is compatible with most PBX's including Avaya, Cisco, Nortel, Inter-tel, Mitel and NEC. V4.6
DGVox Voice Logger (Voxspectrum Pvt Ltd) Voxspectrum (P) Ltd. Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/IP/ISDN record TDM, VOIP & Blended environments,Screen capture,Free seating,Agent Quality Monitoring,Certified by Cisco and Avaya v7.1
Xtend Voice Logger (Xtend Technologies) Xtend Technologies (P) Ltd. Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/IP/ISDN record TDM, VOIP & Blended environments v3.0
Alliance Arcane (Logger) Alliance Infotech (P) Ltd. Windows, Linux Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/IP/RF record TDM, VOIP & Blended environments v3.0
CARIN Unified Recording Solution TC&C Microsoft Windows Server Closed VoIP Award-winning recording solution for unified communications of all media. First Cisco Telepresence recorder in the world. See Cisco Telepresence article. v4.1
cc: Discover CallCopy Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital Call Recording, Screen Capture, Speech Analytics, Desktop Analytics, Agent Coaching, Customer Surveys, Quality Management and Workforce Management v4.4
Encore dvsAnalytics, Inc. Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP Trunks/T1/PRI Screen Recording, Quality Management, Agent Evaluations, Full and Selective Encryption, Reporting & Analytics v2.2.9
XTR XTR Digital Windows Closed Analog/Digital Caller ID, FTP/Lan/Email storage, voice activated recording, continuous recording. v3.00
SonicView Trivium Systems Windows, Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/T1/PRI/Analog/SIP Trunk side and station side voice recording solutions from a single user/voice port to hundreds of ports with centralized server based solutions. Supporting IP, digital and analog mixed systems v3.30
TRx NCH Software Windows, Mac Closed Analog/Digital 1 Line Recorder. v4.30
VPI CAPTURE PRO VPI (Voice Print International) Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital Analytics-enhanced, Web-based call recording and quality monitoring software for VoIP, TDM and hybrid environments with single or multiple locations, branch offices and home agents. v5.0
CallRex Call Recording Telrex Windows Closed VoIP Call recording for IP-based telephony environments. Full-time, on-demand, or triggered recording options available. Quality management & liability recording. v3.9
VRS NCH Software Windows Closed Analog/Digital Multi-Channel Audio, voice activated, hardware activated or continuous recording modes. v5.37
Record Oak Systems International Windows Closed Analog/Digital/SIP/VoIP Voice recording for quality monitoring and compliance. Expandable from 4 trunks/extensions to enterprise-size environments. Recordings are encrypted as standard. v5
Open Unified Recording Unified Recording Linux Open VoIP Call recording for IP-based telephony environments using packet capture engine. Commercial version of the product (Unified Recording) includes encryption, Screen Capture, Analog/Digital/Asterisk. v1.0
CyberTech Pro & Myracle CyberTech International Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP (TRUNK)/Active VOIP This multi-media product delivers voice recordings of traditional or VoIP telephony, together with data and desktop screens for applications including verification and compliance, dispute resolution, resilience options, training and quality monitoring. v6.0
VoxRecord Voxsmart Ltd. BlackBerry Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP (TRUNK)/Active VOIP This is a software product that ties mobile devices into any call recorder. VoxRecord generates the same call recording metatags for mobiles as are already created for landlines. These are displayed on the call recorder's interfaces for verification and compliance. v10.7.1.x
CallRecorder Trillium Technology Pty. Ltd. Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital Automatic, Manual and Voice activated recording with optional announcement and beep feature. Automatic recording uses hardware detection features from Trillium Recording Adaptors. v5.10
Sense Retell Ltd. Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital Retell's own ISDN30, ISDN2, Analogue and VoIP Interface cards. Call Recording software of up to 1000 channels. Call Recording and Call Management enabling platform geared for integration, offering: recorder back-end, Open Architecture, APIs, SDK. 100% successful call matching. v2.5.1
Verba Recording System Verba Technologies Microsoft Windows Server Closed VoIP Unified call recording solution for voice, video and telepresence. More information can be found in the Verba Technologies article. 2010
SmartRecord CTI Group (Holdings) Inc. Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP (TRUNK)/Active VOIP This multi-tenant, predominantly hosted recording product provides recording capabilities to the majority of hosted PBX operators worldwide. One of the first recording products to integrate in a carrier grade IMS environment, the product not only delivers hosted recording capabilities, but also multi-tenant speech analytics, call evaluation, and screen recording facilities. v4.0
Oreka GPL agnostic Open VoIP Oreka is a modular and cross-platform system for recording and retrieval of audio streams. The project currently supports VoIP and sound device based capture. Recordings metadata can be stored in any mainstream database. Retrieval of captured sessions is web based v1.2
VSLogger Versadial Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital/SIP (TRUNK)/Active VOIP VS Logger call recording software allows you to record unlimited analog, digital, T1/E1, ISDN or VoIP lines. Access your recordings from any PC on your network, over the Internet, in a web browser, wirelessly via PDA, or over the phone. v4.0
Call Trunk Call Trunk Holdings Ltd Web Browser, iOS, Android, BlackBerry Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital Call Trunk's applications are interfaces to a cloud-based service that records conversations between any two telephones, stores the recordings, and makes them accessible via a web portal. Different for each device
MiaRec MiaRec, LLC Windows Closed VoIP MiaRec is an enterprise-level solution for recording calls inside IP-based telephony network. MiaRec is based on the innovative packet sniffing technology that allows it to be considerably less expensive than analog-based recording systems. v3.1
CommsOffice Voice CommSoft RMS, LLC Windows Closed Analog/Digital/SIP/VoIP CommsOffice Voice is a PC/Server based Call Recorder with unlimited client software. It is part of the CommsOffice family of telephony applications and is compatible with most telephone systems. V7.1
Optimise OnDemand Magnetic North Web Browser Closed Analog/Digital/SIP/VoIP Cloud based, pay-as-you-go solution. Calls recorded multiple times for resilience. High quality audio. Agent screen recording option. Powerful coaching, training, customer survey and call scoring quality management solution embedded.Supports multiple locations and remote working agents. PCI and FSA compliant application with option to take your whole centre out-of scope for payment collection. V4.5
Unified Recording Management System Unified Recording Management System Linux Closed Analog/Digital (E1/T1/J1) ISDN/CAS/ SIP Enterprise grade Call Recording and Screen Capture which works passively with most PBXs without the need to upgrade PBX. Has Powerful features, is web based, multiple levels of security, agent features and AES 256 bit encryption. Compatible with NEC, Nortel, Mitel, Shortel, Aastra, Cisco, Asterisk and Avay. Excellent compression levels making efficient use of storage. V2.6.5
VTLogger Voicetronix Linux Open Analog/Digital (E1/T1/J1) ISDN/CAS VTLogger is an open source (L-GPL) PC/server based call recorder that can be used trunk and/or station side. Records up to 960 channels and stores calls in wave and ogg file formats. Codec support includes G.711, Speex and Vorbis. Captured call information (CDR) is stored in databases or CSV formatted files. VTLogger can be configured to provide continuous, rule-based, voice activated or on demand recording. It uses internally designed and manufactured telephony line interface boards to passively tap the trunk lines and/or extensions. Retrieval of call records for listening is via a web based GUI. V0.5
NovoLog Novo Technologies Windows Closed VoIP/Analog/Digital NovoLog6 is a solution suite that provides call and screen recording to the contact center market. This solution includes a complete and fully integrated quality evaluation and coaching component. Compatible with most PBX's including Cisco, Avaya and Mitel. V6.2
Call Recorder - IntCall Telestar iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android Closed VoIP Records outgoing calls from the smartphone to any other phone. The entire call is recorded and saved as a .wav file on the device itself and can be sent by email from the app. The app is based on VoIP so good internet connection is required during the call. Price is per destination / per minute and it is required to buy credit in advance via AppStore, Google Play or PayPal. v1.3
Audio Recorder API Nektra Advanced Computing Microsoft Windows Propietary with Source Code Available VoIP Audio Recorder API to record any Microsoft Windows audio stream from VoIP to streams played on a Web Browser. v1.5


Desk top call recording software and universal telephone adapter

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