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Pascal's Calculator - History - Precursors - Analog Computers, Automatons
... more than a millennium later by early mechanical clocks and geared astrolabes These machines were all made of toothed gears linked by some sort of carry mechanisms ... instruments and automatons were also precursors to the calculating machine ... In 1623 and 1624, Wilhelm Schickard drew a calculating clock on two letters that he sent to Kepler ...
Pascal's Calculator - Pascal Versus Schickard - Conclusion
... his machine twenty years earlier, the drawings of Schickard's calculating clock described a machine that was neither complete (it was missing wheels and springs) nor fully ... Schickard's calculating clock had been known since his two letters were first made public in 1718 but its design had little or no influence on the development of ... The calculating clock was not successfully constructed until a century later by Giovanni Poleni ...

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    He makes his voyage too late, perhaps, by a true water clock who delays too long.
    Henry David Thoreau (1817–1862)

    Because relationships are a primary source of self-esteem for girls and women, daughters need to know they will not lose our love if they speak up for what they want to tell us how they feel about things. . . . Teaching girls to make specific requests, rather than being indirect and agreeable, will help them avoid the pitfalls of having to be manipulative and calculating to get what they want.
    Jeanne Elium (20th century)