Caetano Alpha - Vehicle Histories

Vehicle Histories

Registration Chassis Picture Registered DVLA Expiry Orig. Owner Other Owner
KRS 85V Volvo B58 None found 24/07/80 30/11/93 Rapson, Brora Not Known
FUJ 359V Volvo B58 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? ABC European Not Known
EAK 87V Bedford YMT ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Globe, Barnsley Not Known
EDA 831V Ford R1114 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Meadway, Birmingham Not Known
EWE 760V Ford R1114? ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
HAY 201V Bedford YMT ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Harris, High Wycombe
JBC 281V Ford R1114 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Horseman, Reading
JUT 183V Volvo B58 Yes - but website link dead ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
LRT 281V Volvo B58 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? JDW, Ipswich Cedric, Swivenhoe
MUM 318V Volvo B58 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? SYT Not Known
UJY 572V Volvo B58 (See Enthusiasts Link) ex Trathen, Yelverton ??/??/?? Hookways Not Known
TNP 6V Volvo B58 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Halford, Kempsey Jones, Ffosheliog
WCO 731V Volvo B58
??/??/?? ??/??/?? Trathen, Yelverton Not Known
WCO 733V Volvo B58 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Trathen, Yelverton Not Known
KAB 100X Bedford YMT ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Griffiths, Leintwardine Not Known
MEW 150W Bedford YMT ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Miller, Foxton Not Known
MEW 151W Volvo B10M ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Miller, Foxton Harding, Redditch
PSO 85W Volvo B10M ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
WGA 624W DAF MB200 ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
WGB 621W DAF MB200? ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known
JNM 55Y Volvo B10M ??/??/?? ??/??/?? Not Known Not Known

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