Cadmus Class Sloop - Operational Histories - HMS Clio

HMS Clio

Clio started her career on the Australia Station, where she arrived in April 1904 after a journey with many problems. She served there for eleven months and then went on to the China Station in April 1905.

In August 1914, Clio re-commissioned at Hong Kong. She was initially based at Sandakan and was tasked with patrolling the Basilan Straits. In late 1914, she transferred to the Middle East and was in Port Said by the beginning of January 1915. At the end of that month she moved into the Suez Canal and was active in the defence of the canal against Turkish troops. She fired on Turkish positions on 27 January and 1–3 February, receiving incoming rifle fire on the last. She was also hit by two heavier shells, but suffered no casualties. She formed part of the British expeditionary force in the Shatt-al-Arab in April 1915, and in 1917 served in operations off Aden in March. At Dhubab on 6 May, and again at Ibn Abbas near the island of Kamaran on 8 May, landings were carried out at to punish smuggling.

In December 1919, after commissioning at Gibraltar, she took part in the fifth campaign against Mohammed Abdullah Hassan ("the Mad Mullah"). Sailors were landed, but by late February the campaign was complete. She was sold at Bombay on 12 November 1920 on the same day as Odin.

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