Cadet Sergeant

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La Salle Institute - Military
... La Salle's cadet battalion was first formed in 1891 ... Currently, the highest cadet ranks available to cadets are Cadet Sergeant for Freshmen, Cadet Master Sergeant for Sophomores, Cadet Command Sergent Major for Juniors, and Cadet ... At the present time there are only one Cadet Sergeant who is a Freshman, one Cadet Master Sergeant who is a Sophomore, and one Cadet Colonel ...
Valley Forge Military Academy And College - Student Body - Full Set of Ranks Used By The VFMAC Corps of Cadets(including Former, Unused and Honorary Ranks in I - Cadet Enlisted and NCO's
... Cadet Private (no insignia) Cadet Private First Class Cadet Lance Corporal Cadet Corporal (Junior Grade) Cadet Corporal Cadet Color Corporal Cadet Sergeant Cadet Sergeant Colors Cadet ...

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