Cabildo De Tenerife - Responsibilities and Authority

Responsibilities and Authority

According to article 43 of the LRJAPC, the exclusive responsibilities of the town hall are:

  • The coordination of the municipal services of the island to guarantee its integral and suitable benefit to the entire insular territory, replacing the City Councils when the insufficiency of their resources prevents the provision of essential municipal services or established public functions in the LBRL.
  • The attendance to and legal, economic and technical cooperation with the municipalities, especially with those of smaller economic capacity and management.
  • The provision of supramunicipal public services.
  • The approval of plans by insular offices for the provision of works and services in collaboration with the City Councils of each island. To achieve such, the city councils will make the work proposals that affect their municipal area, which should not be modified by the respective Town Hall, except with reasonable causes and a prior hearing with the affected city council.
  • The promotion and administration of the peculiar interests of the island.

Law 14/1990, of 26 July, Legal Regime of the Public Administrations of the Canary Islands, transfers to the town halls the following competences:

  • The territorial demarcations, alteration of terms and denomination of the municipalities, previous opinion of the Consultative Council of the Canary Islands.
  • Own functions of the Agencies of Agrarian Extension.
  • Experimental farms.
  • Forest services, cattle routes and grass.
  • Marine Aquacultures.
  • Protection of the environment.
  • Management and conservation of protected natural spaces, within the framework of established clause of autonomous sectoral legislation.
  • Hunting
  • Rural infrastructure of insular character.
  • Subrogation of the municipal competences on city-planning, in conformity with the established clause of autonomous sectoral legislation.
  • Highways, except those declared of regional interest, within the framework of the autonomous sectoral legislation. In the highways of regional interest, the operation, use and defence of sanctioning regimes.
  • The management of ports of refuge, unless they are declared of regional interest.
  • Hydraulic works that are not of regional or general interest. Hydraulic work - conservation and policing of insular terrestrial water administration in the terms established by autonomous sectoral legislation.
  • Transports by highway and cable. Railroads, in the framework within which it has autonomous sectoral legislation.
  • Fairs and markets.
  • Policing of spectacles.
  • Promotion and policing of the insular tourism, except for the powers of inspection and sanction.
  • Annoying, unhealthy, injurious and dangerous activities.
  • Policing of houses.
  • Conservation and administration of public parks.
  • Administration of the residences of students established in the island.
  • The promotion of culture, sports, occupation, leisure and relaxation in the insular scope.
  • The conservation and administration of the insular historical-artistic patrimony.
  • Museums, libraries and archives that are not reserved by the Independent Community.
  • Promotion of crafts.
  • Social attendance and social services.
  • Defense of the consumer.
  • Campaigns on animal health.

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