Cabbage Tree

Cabbage tree is a common name for several plant species:

  • Andira inermis, native to Central and South America
  • Various members of the genus Cordyline native to New Zealand.
    • Cordyline australis (Cabbage tree or Tī kōuka)
    • Cordyline banksii (Forest cabbage tree or Tī ngahere)
    • Cordyline indivisa (Mountain cabbage tree, Broad-leaved cabbage tree, Tōī or Tī tōī)
    • Cordyline obtecta (Three Kings cabbage tree, native also to Norfolk Island, where it is known as Norfolk Island cabbage tree)
    • Cordyline pumilio (Dwarf cabbage tree, Pygmy cabbage tree, Tī rauriki or Tī koraha)
  • Cussonia spicata, native to southern parts of Africa
  • Dendroseris litoralis, native to Chile's Juan Fernandez archipelago
  • Livistona australis, the Cabbage tree palm of coastal New South Wales
  • Moringa stenopetala, a crop tree native to Ethiopia and Kenya
  • Various members of the Asteraceae from Saint Helena
    • Pladaroxylon leucadendron (He cabbage tree - so called because its leaves are hairy)
    • Lachanodes arborea (She cabbage tree - so called because its leaves are not hairy)
    • Melanodendron integrifolium (Black cabbage tree)

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Palm Beach, New South Wales - History - Origin of The Name
... The southern end of the Palm Beach is marked as Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour on a map of 1832 ... Palm Beach was later named after the Cabbage Tree palms livistona australis that were near Cabbage Tree Boat Harbour ...
Cordyline Australis - Ecology - Response To Fire
... Cordyline australis is one of the few New Zealand forest trees that can recover from fire ... This gives the tree an advantage because it can regenerate itself quickly and the fire has eliminated competing plants ... Cabbage tree leaves contain oils which make them burn readily ...
Gould's Petrel
... leucoptera breeds on Cabbage Tree Island in New South Wales, Australia while P ... On Cabbage Tree Island it nests among rocks or among the roots and fallen fronds of cabbage tree palms ... On Cabbage Tree island, grazing by rabbits altered the vegetation, making the birds more vulnerable to predation ...
Cussonia Spicata
... Cussonia spicata (known as spiked cabbage tree, lowveld cabbage tree or common cabbage tree) is a tree in the Araliaceae family ...

Famous quotes containing the words tree and/or cabbage:

    I saw the spiders marching through the air,
    Swimming from tree to tree that mildewed day
    In latter August when the hay
    Came creaking to the barn.
    Robert Lowell (1917–1977)

    The sole work and deed of universal freedom is therefore death, a death too which has no inner significance or filling, for what is negated is the empty point of the absolutely free self. It is thus the coldest and meanest of all deaths, with no more significance than cutting off a head of cabbage or swallowing a mouthful of water.
    Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770–1831)