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DB Locomotive Classification - Basics
6 VT Diesel multiple units 7 Railbuses and work vehicles 8 ES, EB Cab cars and accompanying cars to electric railcars 9 VS, VB Cab cars and accompanying cars to diesel railcars and railbuses The ... Cab cars and intermediate cars of multiple units receive the numbers 8 if they belong to an EMU, 9 if they belong to a DMU ... If another powered car or engine is present in the multiple unit, its serial number usually is offset by 500, but it is still assigned into the original class ...
Metrolink (Southern California) - Rolling Stock
... BiLevel Coaches (Sentinel Fleet) with 117 Hyundai Rotem Bi-level cars (Guardian Fleet) with cab cars that can absorb energy in case of a collision ... An additional order of 20 Rotem cars was ordered after Metrolink obtained a loan from the LACMTA, although this still leaves Metrolink 34 cars short of its goal of completely replacing its entire ... With Metrolink continuing to receive its new Rotem cars, the agency has returned all its leased equipment to their owners ...
Control Car (rail) - North America
... rail agencies in the United States routinely use cab cars in place of regular passenger coaches on trains ... However, with commuter agencies such as Metra, these cars make the train less aerodynamic ... The Chicago and North Western Railway had 42 control cabs built by Pullman-Standard in 1960, which eliminated the need for its trains or locomotives to be turned around ...
New Mexico Rail Runner Express - Rolling Stock
... Passenger cars include thirteen Bombardier BiLevel Coaches and nine Bombardier BiLevel Cab cars ... Coach cars have a seating capacity of 151 passengers while cab cars have a seating capacity of 141 passengers, with each type of car having standing room for an ... Cab cars have four-digit road numbers beginning with 11 (e.g ...

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    I looked, there was nothing to see but more long streets and thousands of cars going along them, and dried-up country on each side of the streets. It was like the Sahara, only dirty.
    Mohammed Mrabet (b. 1940)

    Pockets: What color is a giraffe?
    Dallas: Well, mostly yellow.
    Pockets: And what’s the color of a New York taxi cab?
    Dallas: Mostly yellow.
    Pockets: I drove a cab in Brooklyn. I just pretend it’s rush hour in Flatbush and in I go.
    Leigh Brackett (1915–1978)