C56 or C-56 may refer to :

  • C-56 Lodestar, an American military aircraft
  • C-56 (Michigan county highway)
  • JNR Class C56, a class of Japanese steam locomotive
  • Siemens C56, a mobile phone model
  • Caldwell 56 (NGC 246, the Skull Nebula), a planetary nebula in the constellation Cetus

and also:

  • Sickness Insurance (Sea) Convention, 1936 code
  • Bult Field in Monee, Illinois FAA LID
  • Two Knights Defense ECO code
  • Planetary nebula referenced as C56 in Caldwell catalogue
  • Ovarian cancer ICD-10 code


  • S56 (disambiguation) (example: the S56, a Soviet submarine labeled C-56 using Cyrillic alphabet)

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