C21orf59 is a protein of unknown function. It is of interest in part for its association with various diseases. It has been found in high levels in the bone marrow of patients with a negative prognosis of acute myeloid leukemia and an abnormal karyotype. Male Alzheimer's patients have shown a decrease in expression of C21orf59 in their blood cells. The C21orf59 gene lies within the critical region of Down Syndrome. There are no clear paralogs in humans, but the gene has homologues widely conserved among animals, fungi, and algae.

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C21orf59 - Recent Studies
... A study in zebrafish has shown C21orf59 is found in high concentrations in the Kupffer vesicles, and is intracellularly localized to the basal body of the cilia ... Zebrafish mutant in C21orf59 homologue have less functional cilia and distorted right/left symmetry, suggesting the role of c21orf59 is important in ...