Bus Boycott

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Charles Kenzie Steele - Tallahassee Bus Boycott
... The Tallahassee bus boycott began in May, 1956, during the Montgomery bus boycott ... Like other bus boycotts during the civil rights movement in America, it started because black people were forced to ride in the back of the bus, and when two students refused to give up their ... An organization was formed to protest and boycott against the city bus system ...
Paul Stephenson (civil Rights Campaigner) - Bus Boycott
... had passed a resolution that "coloured workers should not be employed as bus crews" by the Bristol Omnibus Company ... In 1963 Stephenson established that the bus company was indeed operating a colour bar and inspired by the example of Rosa Parks' refusal to move off a "whites only" bus seat in Montgomery ... Stephenson became spokesman for the boycott, which soon attracted nationwide media interest and the campaign grew to receive support from Bristolians of all colours ...

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    Take away from the courts, if it could be taken away, the power to issue injunctions in labor disputes, and it would create a privileged class among the laborers and save the lawless among their number from a most needful remedy available to all men for the protection of their business interests against unlawful invasion.... The secondary boycott is an instrument of tyranny, and ought not to be made legitimate.
    William Howard Taft (1857–1930)

    David: All the reporters are on the bus.
    Lucas: Okay, start the bus then. And drive them over a cliff.
    Jeremy Larner, U.S. screenwriter, and Michael Ritchie. David (Chris Prey)