Buoy Tender - Types of CG Buoy Tenders

Types of CG Buoy Tenders

US Coast Guard

  • 240' USCGC Mackinaw (WLBB-30)
  • 225' USCG Seagoing Buoy Tender (WLB)
  • 175' USCG coastal buoy tender (WLM)
  • 100' USCG inland buoy tender (WLI)
  • 100' USCG inland construction tender (WLIC)
  • 75' River Buoy Tender (WLR)
  • 75' Inland Construction Tender (WLIC)
  • 65' River Buoy Tender (WLR)
  • 65' Inland Buoy Tender (WLI)

Canadian Coast Guard

  • 272' CCGS Ann Harvey
  • 272' CCGS George R. Pearkes
  • 228' CCGS Earl Grey
  • 228' CCGS Samuel Risley
  • 198' CCGS Alexander Henry
  • 180' CGS Aberdeen
  • 179' CCGS Simcoe
  • 180' CGS Simcoe (1909)
  • 144' CCGS C.P. Edwards
  • 125' CCGS Brant
  • 66' CCGS Cove Isle

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