Bullata - Shell Description

Shell Description

The shells of species in this genus are moderately large to very large, range size from 14 mm (Bullata largillieri, smallest species of Bullata) to 97.9 mm (largest specimen known of Bullata bullata). (pl I)

The shell color is a yellowish-orange to orange- or pinkish-brown, spirally banded (pl II) or with white spots (pl III). The lip is pink, yellow, or orange, darker than shell color (pl IV).

The shell surface is smooth and glossy.

The shape is elliptical to oblong or obovate, moderately to strongly shouldered (pl V bottom). The spire is immersed or near so (pl V top). The aperture is narrow to moderately broad, wider anteriorly. The lip is moderately strongly thickened, weakly to strongly denticulate in adults, with a distinct external varix. A siphonal notch is present but a posterior notch is absent. The parietal callusing is weakly to strongly developed, especially posteriorly, and is absent in type species. The columella has four continuous plications occupying less than half the aperture length. The internal whorls are unmodified. (pl VI/VII)

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