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Players navigate through ten different stages as Rollie. Rollie has the ability to jump, kick, and roll, the latter two of which can be used to attack most hostile enemies. Nuts are scattered throughout the level which, upon being opened, have power-ups, keys, clovers, or enemies. Gates can only be opened when Rollie has the appropriate colored key. Lady bugs are trapped at several points of each level and can be freed by kicking their . When Rollie reaches the level exit, a hollow log to be exact, the players score is tallied based on the number of ladybugs freed, the number of clovers found, and if all four pieces of the blue clover has been found. In Level 9, if you found all 4 gold clovers in the entire game, which are levels 2, 6, 8, and 9, they will be tallied in that level. Here are the levels:

  • Level 1: Training - The level is short and easy. It is designed to get you familiar with the game.
  • Level 2: The Lawn - The level is very large, so it's very helpful to be on the ball. The boxer flies are all over the level, so being on the ball can eliminate tons of them. The keys in the level are far away to their gates, so you will have to do a lot of exploring in this level. You will be able to swim in this level, but hopping in patches of water instead is much more faster.
  • Level 3: The Pond - You will need to ride the water taxi to get across the pond without being eaten by killer fish. Be careful jumping on lily pads.
  • Level 4: The Forest (sometimes known as "The Garden") - This level contains many new things: spiders, bees, stomping feet, etc. One fun part of this level is riding dragonflies. Riding dragonflies is like riding the water taxi except you are in the air and you can shoot fireballs with the mouse button or kick key. Watch out for bats.
  • Level 5: Hive Attack - You're in a small forest area with a tree stump that has a beehive swarming with flying bees. Your job is to destroy the hive using the dragonfly's fireballs.
  • Level 6: The Beehive - You'll have to jump on detonator plungers to burst doors in this level and battle bees and grub. Avoid falling into honey - it is sticky and you'll sink.
  • Level 7: Queen Bee - Here the bad thing is the queen bee. She is difficult to kill, but once you'll see her pattern, you'll form a strategy.
  • Level 8: Night Attack - This is the most intense level in the entire game. The main goal here is simply to survive and not go in circles. All over this level are spear-throwing and rock-throwing ants along with large groups of fire-breathing ants and toxic gas roaches, bundles of slugs and caterpillars, rock boulders falling from cliffs, pits of dangerous slime, intense hills, and terrible glowing bugs that carry you far away to dangerous areas in the level.
  • Level 9: The Anthill - You have entered the dark and deadly anthill. You will have to make it across walls of fire and pools of lava. You will also encounter many fire-breathing ants along with a group of ghost ants and toxic gas roaches. Be sure not to go on hidden paths in the level. This level is pretty straightforward, so just follow the beaten path and you'll eventually find the hollow log and exit the level.
  • Level 10: King Thorax - This is it. If you can defeat King Thorax, you will become ruler of Bugdom. You'll need to kick pipes and lure King Thorax to defeat him.

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